La Table du Pigonnet restaurant Aix en Provence carpaccio Saint JacquesRESTAURANT AT AIX-EN-PROVENCE

Provençal Gourmet Cuisine

Located at the Hotel Pigonnet in  Aix-en-Provence, the restaurant "La Table du Pigonnet" offers gourmet cuisine with Provençal flavors prepared from the best products and freshest produce from throughout the region.

Chef Thierry Balligand welcomes you to a romantic, spacious and bright venue, its interior setting featuring a memorable garden view year around.

In warm wheather, guests can also enjoy having meal in the garden dominated by centuries old chestnut trees.


Specialties of the house are presented in three set menus: the "Lunch Menu", the "Gourmet Menu", the "Vegetarian Menu", and through selected individual choices "à la carte" for lunch and dinner meals. Set menus are changed every two months.

The "Lunch Menu" is served from Monday to Friday excluding holidays. It is composed of three dishes.

As an appetizer, you can choose from the velouté of watercress accompanied by gnocchi of Ricotta; the filet of haddock with potato leek vinaigrette and purple mustard; and the lacquered duck aiguillette accompanied by salad of green beans with sliced figs.

La Table du Pigonnet restaurant Aix en Provence plat principalChoice of one's main course is to be made between the filet of cod accompanied by spinach shoots in sauce Dugléré; the supreme guinea fowl served with corn blinis in a cider reduction; Angus beef garnished with parsley, smoked penja peppers, and accompanied by sweet potato mousseline with dried fruits.

Suggested desserts include: the royal Pigonnet; the Opera; and a Lyonnais cheese dip (cottage cheese based spread) accented with parsley in the style of Benoit Lemarié; the "Calisson" with roasted apricots, a creamy saffron and baba with rum arranged with whipped cream and vanilla from Tahiti.

The "Gourmet Menu" is made up of five dishes: Cannelloni of tuna; a tartare of veal in Vitello Tonato sauce; the filet of seabass with the reduction of beets, accompanied by autumn vegetables; roasted pigeon with Darphin potato with figs; the pre-dessert and the soufflé from lavender honey accompanied by fig sorbet.

The "Vegetarian Menu" is composed of three courses.

Featured appetizers include, a choice between the velouté of watercress accompanied by gnocchi Ricotta or pan-fried tofu with leek and potato vinaigrette with purple mustard.

Its main dish consists of corn blinis, vegetables with either wild berries from Vietnam or linguine with mushrooms. On offer for dessert, either a mixture of seasonal fruits accompanied by sherbet or a Norwegian omelet is proposed.

Entrée dishes on offer include: organic eggs, pan-fried with cep and peaches; tuna cannelloni and veal tartare in Vitello Tonato sauce; duck foie gras accompanied by pancakes with fresh seasonal fruits and large prawns with fresh tomatoes accompanied by Bloody Mary sorbet.

Among the featured main courses are: filet of seabass with the reduction of beets and autumn vegetables; apelettes of Saint Peter accompanied by rock fish soup, and crushed potato; medallion of Lotte, fried with the ceps and the espuma of Piquillos; saddle of lamb with cream of garlic smoked with raw ham and parsnip mousseline; fillet of beef with bone marrow accompanied by au gratin de blette; pan-fried calf's sweetbread with chanterelles and the Pont Neuf apple in truffle oil and roasted pigeon with Darphin potatoes with figs.

Chef Balligand recommended meals are: the risotto of horn of plentywith the squash Butternut and the risotto of beautiful prawns emulsion carapaces.

From the cheese and dessert cart, selections will include: a plate of well ripened cheeses; gourmet coffee (includes assortiment of fruit tart, an organic chocolate macaroon, and cardamon pears); seasonal fruits served with lychee sorbet: a Norwegian omelet; a lavender honey soufflé accompanied with fig sorbet; as well as oriental perfumes with the prickly pear and the sorbet with the orange blossom.

The house offers its guests a special menu for exceptional days such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The restaurant is open daily from 12:00 noon to 1:45pm and from 7:30pm to 9:45pm.

Address: 5 Avenue du Pigonnet, 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Phone: 04 42 59 61 07


Le Patio restaurant plat principal gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT FONTVIEILLE

Provencal Gourmet Cuisine

The restaurant "Le Patio", situated at Fontvieille, offers a traditional gourmet dining experience steeped in the flavors and aromas typical of fine Provençal cuisine.

Chef Jean-Pierre Côte and his wife Catherine will welcome you into their establishment’s warm and friendly atmosphere.

The title Master Restorer was conferred on the premises in 2010.

In the preparation of the house’s signature dishes, the Chef Côte favors the use of a variety of local and regional products: lamb from Alpilles, herbs of Provence, basil, lavender, tomato, sweet almond and olive oil.

In his kitchen, he uses various olive oils: the Mouliniers de Fontvieille certified as the appellation, the Moulin de Bédarrides, the Moulin du Mas Saint Jean, and the Moulin de la Coquille.


House specialities are offered through three (3) set menus: "The Bergerie menu", "Patio n'Aimant", "Olive oil", and as individual selections available “à la carte”.

"The Bergerie menu" is served only at lunchtime. It includes an assortment of Provençal appetizers, a portion of crispy Alpilles lamb shoulder, garnished with wild Serpolets (wild Thyme), and a sweet amandine and seasonal fruits.

Le Patio restaurant dessert gmca 2017The set menu "Patio n'Aimant" begins with an appetizer.

As for the choice of entrée, one’s options will be between the ravioli of snails with porcini mushrooms accompanied by velvety champagne mushrooms; the lamb shoulder laminated in its juice with smoked duck breast and autumn fruits; or an assortment of Provençal appetizers.

As main course, there is a filet of turbot with citrus fruits accompanied by crunchy polenta with the old Parmesan; a veal grenadin with yellow wine, dauphinois with morels and poached wine pears; and a leg of Alpilles lamb cooked at low temperature and stuffed with the hay of the Crau.

For dessert, choices include a creamy scented lime Gombava with fine shortbread from pure butter; a chocolate-passion feuillantine accompanied by vanilla and Coco shortbread; and a Williams pear smoothie, scented with Elderflower.

On the "Olive Oil" set menu, the meal begins with an appetizer.

As an entrée, you will be offered half-cooked duck foie gras accompanied by melting heart of Williams pear and jam emulsified with honey and olive oil from Moulin de Bédarrides.

The main course will consist of rabbit leg confit with olive oil from the Moulin du Mas Saint-Jean, encrusted fondant vegetables and madeleines with black olives.

As a cheese, "Brillat-Savarin" with truffles will be served.

Finally, for dessert, guests will be offered a hot pistachio financier accompanied with English cream based on olive oil Moulin de la Coquille and chestnut ice cream.

The menu card will offer a choice of entrées: hot goat candy accompanied by tapenade, tomato confit with basil; "the gourmet stroll of the Patio" (assortment of entrées of Provence); and duck foie gras with Williams pears and cappuccino of lobster on bed of cod "brandade".

Among the main courses are: the crusty shoulder of Alpilles lamb with wild serpole; a thigh of rabbit confit in olive oil of the Moulin Mas Saint-Jean; the leg of Alpilles lamb with the confit to the hay of Grau (appellation); organic beef fillet with mushrooms; and the fillet of turbot Meunière with citrus fruits.

From among the cheeses and desserts, one can choose the homemade goat cheese of Monsieur Bornand, appellation de la Crau; the fresh goat cheese of the mountain of Mas Saint Jean; the Williams pear smoothie with elderflower; the chocolate-passion crunchy with vanilla from Tahiti; creamy lime Combava with shortbread from pure butter; poached pears prepared in BIO red wine with vanilla ice cream Bournon; the hot financier pistachio-flavored with cream based on olive oil from Fontvieille and sweet almonds fondant with seasonal fruit and velvety almond milk.

The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm and from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

Address: 119 route du Nord, 13990 Fontvieille

Phone : +33 4 90 54 73 10


Hiely Lucullus foie gras de canard entree gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT AVIGNON

Gourmet Cuisine

The restaurant "Hiély Lucullus" in Avignon offers gourmet cuisine with sweet Mediterranean scents.

Founded by André Hiély in 1938, the restaurant was taken over by Gérald Azoulay in 2007. Its architecture and design, created in the Belle Époque style, has been preserved since its earliest days.


Specialties of the house are offered either through set menus "La Mémoire", "L'Empreinte", "La Signature", or on the basis of individual selections “à la carte.”

The "Memory" menu consists of three or four dishes. Seasonal mushrooms or mussels of Bouchots are typical appetizers, various fishes according to market availability, or pluma of Iberian pig Bellota (Spanish Ham) are featured as main dishes, and the choice of fresh and refined cheeses, violet country figs, or millefeuille as desserts. One can choose from among an appetizer, main course, and dessert or an appetizer, main course, a selections from the cheese trolley, and a dessert. This menu is available daily, excluding weekends and holidays.

Hiely Lucullus les mirabelles de Lorraine dessert gmca 2017The "L'Empreinte" menu is centered about the specialties of the house: carpaccio of Saint-Jacques, Tourteau crab meat or duck foie gras as appetizer choices, wild fish according to seasonal availability, filet of lamb or veal, a platter of assorted cheeses, light mousse of mirabelles from Lorraine with melting heart accompanied by brandy sorbet or Kalapaia chocolate for dessert.

The "Signature" menu is served for all the guests sharing the table: salted amuse-bouche, mussels of Bouchots, carpaccio of Saint-Jacques, wild fish, duck foie gras, lamb fillet, fresh and refined cheeses, a pre-dessert, chocolate illanka and andoa of Peru, and confectionery sweets.

On the day of our visit, we discovered the menu "Around Foie Gras and Autumn truffles", proposed as part of the activity referred to as "Tous au restaurant". We enjoyed the zucchini cappuccino as an appetizer, duck foie gras of Landes as entrée, the filet of Rossini beef with a scallops of pan-fried duck foie gras accompanied by slices of autumn truffle as the main course, the truffles « brillat-savarin »(cheese), and light mousse of mirabelles from Lorraine, mirabelles compote and fondant mirabelles as the featured dessert.

On the à la carte menu, the choice of appetizers included: mussels of Bouchots in the Provençal style with saffron sauce, carpaccio of Saint-Jacques, crab Tourteau, and duck foie gras.

Standard main courses included either a filet of lamb with violet artichokes and candied tomatoes, veal sweetbreads (when available) with violet artichokes and candied tomatoes, or seasonal fishes (cod, sea bream, sar, Saint Pierre , turbot, and sea bass).

The choice of desserts included: violet country figs, caramelized millefeuille, light mousse of mirabelles from Lorraine with melting heart accompanied by brandy sorbet, and for cocoa lovers - Kalapaia chocolate.

The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm and from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Address: 5, rue de la République, 84000 Avignon

Phone: +33 4 90 86 17 07



Bastide de Moustiers 1 gmca 2017Provencal Gourmet Cuisine

The gourmet restaurant "La Bastide de Moustiers" is located in  Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Frédéric Garnier, a former understudy of Alain Ducasse, offers finely prepared cuisine using many local products: lamb from Beauregard, Banon cheese, Riez truffle, Cavaillon melon, lavender honey, and olive oil from Valensole.

Located in a charming hotel, the terrace of the restaurant gives a magnificent view of the cliff and the hundred-year-old olive trees.


Tastings are offered through menu sets and dishes à la carte. The menu and dishes change seasonally.

For lunch on weekdays, one can choose between the "starter, main course, dessert", "starter and dessert" and "main course and dessert" combinations.

On the menu, the choice of menu sets includes: crayfish tails accompanied by fresh nuts, young carrots and sorrel; millet au gratin with chestnut mushrooms, celery and hazelnut, and poached duckling foie gras with Jerusalem artichokes in broth, chestnuts and bread.

Bastide de Moustiers 2 gmca 2017Among the main courses on offer are: trout confit presented on a bed of fresh greens and accompanied by new potatoes and sprinkled parsley; reddish-leaved turnip coffee accompanied by violet artichokes and figs; and wild boar accompanied by water cress salad and grilled corn.

The choice of desserts includes: caramel glaze and praline, creamy lemon; goat cheese and lavender honey, roasted pear; chocolate, peanut and vanilla.

On the day of our tasting, we were able to indulge in the "Menu de la Bastide" and the "Menu Grisolière".

We enjoyed the refreshing soup of coconut beans from Cornillon; Mediterranean squids accompanied by zucchini; and small stuffed vegetables from Provence gardens as entrées, the veal quasi of the Hautes-Alpes accompanied by violet artichokes; farm poultry on the embers as main course, and feuilletéwith peaches for dessert.

The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday in the off season.

Annual closure from October 31st through February 28th.

Address: Chemin de Quinson, 04360 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

Phone: +33 4 92 70 47 47


Cannes restaurant Auberge Provencale entree gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT CANNES

Traditional Provencal Cuisine

Founded by Alexandre Bouttau in 1860, the restaurant "Auberge Provençale" in  Cannes features Provençal specialties.

Picasso, Sean Connery, George Clooney and Phil Collins came to enjoy the Bouillabaisse, Aioli, small stuffed vegetables, Provençal stew with orange sauce, grilled beef ribs and cockerels.

The restaurant holds the title of Master Restaurateur.

Chef Benoit Romain welcomes you in the very friendly atmosphere of the "Auberge Provençale" around its fireplace in rooms filled with photographs of the many celebrities who have visited this fine establishment over the years.

Live music concerts are held in the Cotton Club piano bar on Fridays and Saturdays from September to May.


Tastings are offered through the menus "Summer Flavors", "Formule du Midi", and dishes à la carte.

Cannes restaurant Auberge Provencale dessert gmca 2017The Lunch menu set ("Formule du Midi") is composed of two or three dishes prepared in keeping with inspirations of the chef and the availability of fresh goods from the local farmers market. One has a choice of either a starter and main course or a main course and dessert.

Among the entrées: small stuffed vegetables in the Cannois style, a salad of zucchini with fresh octopus garnished with pine nuts, black olives, and tomato, as well as rock fish soup with a delicate bread crust.

Typical main courses include: roasted meats with fennel and crushed potato; duck filet with eggplant and caviar; brunoise of courgette served in Provençale style, and a falafel of natural yogurt with cucumber, mint, and coriander.

Desserts include the following specialty: lemon meringue pie; "praying mantis" ("religieuse") made from caramel salted butter; ice cream and assorted artisan sherbets.

On the day of our sampling of the "Lunch Menu Set", we enjoyed a delightful creme brulee of tomato as an entrée, with cod fillet and basil risotto as our main course, and the tart with the figs for dessert.

Various grilled dishes are available on the evening menu: either fresh fish in salt crust or roasted in an oven on a bed of fennel, accompanied by a crushed potato with basil and Provençal vegetables; Charolais beef rib matured for 4 weeks, grilled cockerel or rack of lamb with Ratatouille and sliced baked apples. All grilled dishes are, of course, cooked over a wood fire.

On the evening menu, the choice of entrées is either roasted sardine with focaccia and thyme flowers, cold tomato soup with creamy Burrata and tomato-basil sorbet, or a Provençal tarte served with vegetables and caramelized onions and fresh goat cheese.

Main courses on offer include: Linguini al Vondol (pasta), grilled tuna with peppers and baked potato, roasted sole with Provençal butter and mashed potatoes, Bouillabaisse in style of a "Fisherman’s Plate", tagliata of Charolais beef, or an alternate dish of choice from the menu.

Cheeses and desserts include: cheese plate with fig jam, dried fruits and mesclun salad; red berries with lemon yogurt sorbet and vanilla Chantilly; lemon pie with meringue; a “religious” speciality in caramel salted butter; flamed raspberries with vanilla ice cream; ice cream and artisan sherbets.

The restaurant is open daily from 12:00am to 2:00pm and from 7:15pm to 11:00pm.

Address: 10 Rue Saint-Antoine, 06400 Cannes

Phone : +33 4 92 99 27 17