Gourmet traditional and Provencal Cuisine

Located at the Hotel “Arena” in Frejus, the gourmet restaurant "Arena Garden" (Le Jardin de l'Arena) offers gastronomically pleasing and creative plates rich of Mediterranean flavors featuring seasonal fruit and vegetable side dishes.

Frejus restaurant arena 1The “Master Restaurateur” Dominic Honore beckons guests to enjoy the "Arena Garden" restaurant's  friendly and tranquil atmosphere.


Restaurant fare is offered through two menus known as "Rosemary" and "Lavender"(*).

The "Rosemary" menu offers three choices of appetizer: “Detox” salad with the salmon sashimi, mandarin, fennel, sesame, black radish, beet “Chiogga” or Royal Butternut Squash, crostini of Chavignol goat cheese and Grisons meat or Duck “foie gras”, garnished with fig chutney.

For the main dish the choice is between rump steak with mustard sauce or sea Parillada with lemon confit condiment.

The "Lavender" menu offers three choices of appetizer: either "foie gras" with fig chutney caramel or roasted lobster with hazelnut butter with avocado, mango and orange condiment or other appetizer from menu.

For the main course the choice is between rack of lamb with herbs or any other selection from the menu.

In addition, the house offers three rooms for receptions, weddings, cocktail parties, galas, lunches, dinners with special menu offerings to suit individual special occasions.

The restaurant is open:

  • 12:00pm-2:00pm and 7:00pm-11:30pm Tuesday thru Saturday;
  • 12:00pm-2:00pm Sunday.

Closed from October 28th through December 1st.

Address : 139-145, rue du Géneral de Gaulle, 83600 Fréjus

Phone: +33 4 94 17 09 40

(*) Menus cited are typical of the bill of fare on offer.  Please note that house menus are subject to change without notice.  For specific information concerning current menu items, please contact the restaurant in advance of your visit to confirm details.



Courmet Cuisine

Located in Grasse and situated in an authentic country house built during the 17th century, the gourmet restaurant "La Bastide Saint Antoine" offers dishes presented with soft and delicate Mediterranean fragrances.

Grasse Restaurant Chibois gmca 2015Guests are welcomed into its bright dining room and onto its terrace with beautiful view of the surrounding hills. The cuisine of the restaurant has been granted a Michelin star.


Tasty and refined, rich and light, the cuisine of Jacques Chibois contains a multitude of Mediterranean flavors, fragrant and delicious recipes embellished with flowers, truffles, Parmesan cheese, all of which go well with Pagellus, red-legged partridge, pheasant, and king scallop.

Specialties of the house are offered through four set menus: "Lunch", "Sunday and Holidays", "Scents" and "Discovery". The "lunch" menu-set is served in three courses for lunch from Monday thru Saturday. The "Sunday and Feast" menu-set is served in four courses and 2 glasses of wine. The "Scents" menu-set includes 5 courses and the "Discovery" menu-set - 9 courses prepared to taste.

The house offers a series of special menus throughout the year. In the Fall, for example, “Wood Mushrooms” evening parties in October, evening parties of “Homard”, “Saint-Jacques” and “Lobster” evening events in November, “Champagne and Caviar” evening event in November, the Truffle market”, “Truffle lunches” and “Truffle suppers” in January, “Morels and Asparagus” supper and Russian New Year’s Eve celebration supper, Lunch and Dinner for Valentine's Day, Easter breakfasts, special meals for Christmas, and a New Year Eve celebration.

The restaurant is open every day except one week of the annual closure.

Address : La Bastide Saint Antoine, 48 avenue Henri-Dunant - 06130 Grasse

Phone : +33 4 93 70 94 94



Provencal Gourmet and Traditional French Cuisine

The restaurant-hotel La Colombe d'Or is located at the entrance of the village opposite the Square of Petanque. It is a gathering place for artists and art lovers alike. Remarkably, the walls of the restaurant “La Colombe d'Or” are covered with paintings by great artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Léger, Klein, Utillo, Caesar, and Calder.

St Paul de Vence Colombe dOr 2 gmca 2015The front of the Colombe d'Or was built from the stones of an old castle from nearby Aix-en-Provence. One of the chimneys at “La Colombe d'Or” was designed by architect Jacques Couelle. It bears the fingerprints of some of the people who helped build it.

Established in 1920 as a coffee bar "Robinson" with a dance floor on the terrace, the place became an inn named "La Colombe d'Or" in 1932.

Noted for its reputation for hospitality under the Roux family, the inn became a popular meeting place for artists over the years. Many of them were to become frequent visitors and often their canvases were exchanged some evenings for lodging and meals, thus ensuring the Inn of a unique and valuable art collection within the restaurant-hotel. In 1940, the poet Jacques Prévert lodged at the inn and soon after became a close friend of the owner Paul Roux.

In later years, "La Colombe d'Or" saw the arrival of Yves Montand, Lino Ventura, and Serge Reggiani. In 1951, Yves Montand and Simone Signoret met at the “La Colombe d'Or” and were subsequently married in Saint Paul. In 1952, Fernand Léger created and installed colored ceramic pieces of his works on the terrace. Throughout the 1950s, works of Miro, Braque, Calder, César, and many others found a home at the "La Colombe d'Or.


Seasonal culinary creations are variable: one will find on the menu a diversity of the Provencal dishes such as aioli, roasted peppers with olive oil, stuffed Provencal tomatoes, beans, anchovies, eggplant.

Among the most memorable dishes we have enjoyed at "La Colombe d'Or are the truffle salad with arugula, melon salad with Parma ham, the snail in Provencal sauce, and chiggers in butter sauce.

Wine to accompany the meal: Domaine de Toasc Rosé AOP Bellet, a refined and very fresh wine.

The restaurant is open daily for service in the morning, noon and evening.

Annual closing: from early November up to Christmas holidays.

Address: La Colombe d'Or, 06570 Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Phone: +33 4 93 32 80 02


Biot place arcades gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT BIOT

Traditional Provencal Cuisine

The oldest restaurant in Biot "Les Arcades" is a major destination for fine dining in traditional Provencal style while viewing the works of famous artists.

Due to its warm and friendly atmosphere, the restaurant has long been a place frequented by many world renowed artists: Folon, Lino Melano, Vasarely, Caesar, Chagall, Leger, Picasso, Mansouroff, Yvaral, Hans Hedberg, Novaro, and Tarabella among others ...

To this day, "Les Arcades" keeps the memories of times gone bye alive. In its gallery and on its walls one can view many wonderful works of art.


Seasonal culinary creations are variable: one will find on the menu a diversity of the Provencal dishes such as aioli, steamed zucchini and Provencal tarragon sauce, sardines breaded in Italian style, the tian of zucchini, cod briandade, pistou soup, rabbit with olives, or "naked" ravioli, and "macaroons" sweets for dessert.

Among the most memorable dishes we have enjoyed at "les Arcades" are the pistou soup and the rabbit plate with olives.

The restaurant is open five days per week, Wednesday thru Sunday.

Address: Place des Arcades, 06410 Biot

Phone: +33 4 93 65 01 04



Gourmet Provencal Cuisine

Situated in Cotignac, 20 km from the Abbey of Thoronet, the restaurant Le Clos des Vignes” offers refined and innovative Provencal seasonal cuisine.

Restaurant Clos des vignes Cotignac gmca 2015Built in an old barn, the restaurant has a shaded terrace with a breathtaking view of its vineyard.


Le Clos des Vignes offers guests two set-menus: “Inspiration” and “Creation”.

The set menu known as the “Inspiration” features: smoked salmon, fresh zucchini, or ice cream with almonds as its appetizer.

For the main meal, four choices are on offer: either baked sea bream; roasted sea bass in hazelnut butter; pluma of pork grilled over a wood fire in caramelized honey and sesame sauce; or chicken fillet with pesto sauce.

On the set menu “Creation”: Bellota ham on grilled toast with a small mix of candied seasonal fruits, gurnard mullet fillets with nectarines or house duck foie gras with fruit and bread served with mixed nuts. For the main meal, four choices on offer: either Rossini beef fillet topped with a sauce made from deglazed Morels; sweetbreads braised with hazelnut butter and port wine; cooked lamb shank confit with spices; or stewed Monkfish Saint Jacques.

Each menu is accompanied by an array of delightful cheeses and other tasty delicacies.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday during the midday and every evening except holidays.

Special hours are available on Mondays for luncheons serving more than 10 persons and by appointment only.

Address: Claou de Vachoun, Quartier Nestuby, Route de Montfort, Cotignac 83570

Phone: +33 4 94 04 72 19  ou  +33 6 73 62 19 63

(*) Menus cited are typical of the bill of fare on offer.  Please note that house menus are subject to change without notice.  For specific information concerning current menu items, please contact the restaurant in advance of your visit to confirm details.