Provençal cuisine based on regional products

Vaison la Romaine 4 gmcaThe restaurant "Le Moulin à Huile" is certified as "Maitre Restaurateur".

The establishment proposes Provencal dishes based on local products: the Ventoux pork, the lamb Comte de Provence, the bull Terre du Soleil, the pigeon du Colombier du Comtat in Sarrians, the trout from Domaine Sorguette in Isle sur la Sorgue and the vegetables mostly from the garden of Oulo.


The house chef proposes a "Tasting" menu in 7 courses according to your tastes and accompanied by products of the season.

There are also themed menus: in January the menu "Truffes", in February - menu for Valentine's Day.

On the day of our visit, we enjoyed a delicious fois gras with small pieces of parsnips (an old vegetable that deserves to be rediscovered), tender braised morels, a fish of the region accompanied by crunchy vegetables and a dry lamb "Comte de Provence."

Address: 1, Quai Maréchal Foch, Route de Malaucène 84110 Vaison-la-Romaine

Phone: +33 4 69 00 13 45



Traditional and Provencal cuisine

Relais de Cezanne espadoneThe restaurant Relais de Cézanne is located in Tholonet, 17 km from Aix-en-Provence.

It is a place that was frequented by Cézanne and his friends.

There is also the Moulin de Cézanne not far from restaurant.


The cuisine of the "Relais de Cézanne" is marked by Mediterranean influences: anchoïade of mini fresh vegetables, mice of lamb with Provençale, filet of bar grilled with pistou, tartare of tuna with citrus and soya, carpaccio of pineapple marinated in Honey and rum.

On the day of our visit, we savored grilled vegetables with Parmesan cheese, swordfish in Provençal souce and pear Hélène on dessert.

The restaurant is open on Friday noon and Saturday evening from March to May;

And every lunch and dinner from June to September.

Address: route Cézanne, 13100 Le Tholonet

Phone: +33 4 42 66 91 91


Restaurant Auberge la Feniere Cadenet entree gmca 2017RESTAURANT IN CADENET

Gourmet Provençale style cuisine.

The gourmet restaurant "Auberge La Fenière" in Cadenet offers a Provençal cuisine with sweet Mediterranean scents.

The head chef since 1975, Reine Sammut will welcome you to the "Auberge La Fenière" in a very stylish setting.

The Auberge la Fenière is the first chef's restaurant that offers a gluten-free meal, with a choice of rice flour, chickpeas and chestnuts.

The tasting menu set is complemented by a collection of olive oils of very varied characters specially chosen for each dish and which metaphorically make the guests travel to Portugal, Croatia, Italy and Provence.

The meal is accompanied by bread made from ground chestnuts.

"Auberge La Fenière" received its first Michelin star in 1995.


Tastings are offered through menu and two menus set: "Flavors of Summer", presented either in seven or nine courses, and "Taste the Fenière".

Restaurant Auberge la Feniere Cadenet dessert gmca 2017Main entrees on the tasting set menu "Summer flavors" include carpaccio Saint-Pierre flavoured by vanilla and olive oil as well as a tartare of pineapple and tomatoes flavoured by coriander and accompanied by shavings of ham from Patrick Duler with chips of chestnut;

On the nine course menu, two additional dishes are offered: stuffed zucchini flowers, accompanied by a pistou in olive oil and hazelnuts and a risotto with truffles "tuber aestivum" with aged parmesan;

Main courses of the tasting set menu "Summer flavors" are Mediterranean wolf with crispy skin, accompanied by a caponata with olives taggiasche and capers from Sicily, as well as a roasted rabbit prepared in olive oil, accompanied by blinis with lemon thyme and eggplant caviar;

The refined cheeses of Benoît Lemarié (Tarascon);

As desserts: a rosemary sorbet with olive oil and lemon and a frosted vacherin with white peaches and jellied figs in olive oil.

As entry in the menu set "Taste the Fenière" is proposed a sea bream, coriander and pickles of red onions;

As main dish: Plancha, compote of tomatoes and grilled peppers, capers and olive oil of Cucuron;

For dessert: "Paris-Lourmarin".

On the day of our tasting we especially enjoyed the stuffed zucchini flowers, the chestnut bread, the refined cheeses of Benoît Lemarié (Tarascon) and the sampling of nine olive oils with each dish.

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Adresse : route de Lourmarin (D943), 84160 Cadenet

Téléphone : 04 90 68 11 79



Courmet Cuisine

Located in Grasse and situated in an authentic country house built during the 17th century, the gourmet restaurant "La Bastide Saint Antoine" offers dishes presented with soft and delicate Mediterranean fragrances.

Grasse Restaurant Chibois gmca 2015Guests are welcomed into its bright dining room and onto its terrace with beautiful view of the surrounding hills. The cuisine of the restaurant has been granted a Michelin star.


Tasty and refined, rich and light, the cuisine of Jacques Chibois contains a multitude of Mediterranean flavors, fragrant and delicious recipes embellished with flowers, truffles, Parmesan cheese, all of which go well with Pagellus, red-legged partridge, pheasant, and king scallop.

Specialties of the house are offered through four set menus: "Lunch", "Sunday and Holidays", "Scents" and "Discovery". The "lunch" menu-set is served in three courses for lunch from Monday thru Saturday. The "Sunday and Feast" menu-set is served in four courses and 2 glasses of wine. The "Scents" menu-set includes 5 courses and the "Discovery" menu-set - 9 courses prepared to taste.

The house offers a series of special menus throughout the year. In the Fall, for example, “Wood Mushrooms” evening parties in October, evening parties of “Homard”, “Saint-Jacques” and “Lobster” evening events in November, “Champagne and Caviar” evening event in November, the Truffle market”, “Truffle lunches” and “Truffle suppers” in January, “Morels and Asparagus” supper and Russian New Year’s Eve celebration supper, Lunch and Dinner for Valentine's Day, Easter breakfasts, special meals for Christmas, and a New Year Eve celebration.

The restaurant is open every day except one week of the annual closure.

Address : La Bastide Saint Antoine, 48 avenue Henri-Dunant - 06130 Grasse

Phone : +33 4 93 70 94 94



Provencal Gourmet and Traditional French Cuisine

The restaurant-hotel La Colombe d'Or is located at the entrance of the village opposite the Square of Petanque. It is a gathering place for artists and art lovers alike. Remarkably, the walls of the restaurant “La Colombe d'Or” are covered with paintings by great artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Léger, Klein, Utillo, Caesar, and Calder.

St Paul de Vence Colombe dOr 2 gmca 2015The front of the Colombe d'Or was built from the stones of an old castle from nearby Aix-en-Provence. One of the chimneys at “La Colombe d'Or” was designed by architect Jacques Couelle. It bears the fingerprints of some of the people who helped build it.

Established in 1920 as a coffee bar "Robinson" with a dance floor on the terrace, the place became an inn named "La Colombe d'Or" in 1932.

Noted for its reputation for hospitality under the Roux family, the inn became a popular meeting place for artists over the years. Many of them were to become frequent visitors and often their canvases were exchanged some evenings for lodging and meals, thus ensuring the Inn of a unique and valuable art collection within the restaurant-hotel. In 1940, the poet Jacques Prévert lodged at the inn and soon after became a close friend of the owner Paul Roux.

In later years, "La Colombe d'Or" saw the arrival of Yves Montand, Lino Ventura, and Serge Reggiani. In 1951, Yves Montand and Simone Signoret met at the “La Colombe d'Or” and were subsequently married in Saint Paul. In 1952, Fernand Léger created and installed colored ceramic pieces of his works on the terrace. Throughout the 1950s, works of Miro, Braque, Calder, César, and many others found a home at the "La Colombe d'Or.


Seasonal culinary creations are variable: one will find on the menu a diversity of the Provencal dishes such as aioli, roasted peppers with olive oil, stuffed Provencal tomatoes, beans, anchovies, eggplant.

Among the most memorable dishes we have enjoyed at "La Colombe d'Or are the truffle salad with arugula, melon salad with Parma ham, the snail in Provencal sauce, and chiggers in butter sauce.

Wine to accompany the meal: Domaine de Toasc Rosé AOP Bellet, a refined and very fresh wine.

The restaurant is open daily for service in the morning, noon and evening.

Annual closing: from early November up to Christmas holidays.

Address: La Colombe d'Or, 06570 Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Phone: +33 4 93 32 80 02