Hiely Lucullus foie gras de canard entree gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT AVIGNON

Gourmet Cuisine

The restaurant "Hiély Lucullus" in Avignon offers gourmet cuisine with sweet Mediterranean scents.

Founded by André Hiély in 1938, the restaurant was taken over by Gérald Azoulay in 2007. Its architecture and design, created in the Belle Époque style, has been preserved since its earliest days.


Specialties of the house are offered either through set menus "La Mémoire", "L'Empreinte", "La Signature", or on the basis of individual selections “à la carte.”

The "Memory" menu consists of three or four dishes. Seasonal mushrooms or mussels of Bouchots are typical appetizers, various fishes according to market availability, or pluma of Iberian pig Bellota (Spanish Ham) are featured as main dishes, and the choice of fresh and refined cheeses, violet country figs, or millefeuille as desserts. One can choose from among an appetizer, main course, and dessert or an appetizer, main course, a selections from the cheese trolley, and a dessert. This menu is available daily, excluding weekends and holidays.

Hiely Lucullus les mirabelles de Lorraine dessert gmca 2017The "L'Empreinte" menu is centered about the specialties of the house: carpaccio of Saint-Jacques, Tourteau crab meat or duck foie gras as appetizer choices, wild fish according to seasonal availability, filet of lamb or veal, a platter of assorted cheeses, light mousse of mirabelles from Lorraine with melting heart accompanied by brandy sorbet or Kalapaia chocolate for dessert.

The "Signature" menu is served for all the guests sharing the table: salted amuse-bouche, mussels of Bouchots, carpaccio of Saint-Jacques, wild fish, duck foie gras, lamb fillet, fresh and refined cheeses, a pre-dessert, chocolate illanka and andoa of Peru, and confectionery sweets.

On the day of our visit, we discovered the menu "Around Foie Gras and Autumn truffles", proposed as part of the activity referred to as "Tous au restaurant". We enjoyed the zucchini cappuccino as an appetizer, duck foie gras of Landes as entrée, the filet of Rossini beef with a scallops of pan-fried duck foie gras accompanied by slices of autumn truffle as the main course, the truffles « brillat-savarin »(cheese), and light mousse of mirabelles from Lorraine, mirabelles compote and fondant mirabelles as the featured dessert.

On the à la carte menu, the choice of appetizers included: mussels of Bouchots in the Provençal style with saffron sauce, carpaccio of Saint-Jacques, crab Tourteau, and duck foie gras.

Standard main courses included either a filet of lamb with violet artichokes and candied tomatoes, veal sweetbreads (when available) with violet artichokes and candied tomatoes, or seasonal fishes (cod, sea bream, sar, Saint Pierre , turbot, and sea bass).

The choice of desserts included: violet country figs, caramelized millefeuille, light mousse of mirabelles from Lorraine with melting heart accompanied by brandy sorbet, and for cocoa lovers - Kalapaia chocolate.

The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm and from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Address: 5, rue de la République, 84000 Avignon

Phone: +33 4 90 86 17 07