Cannes restaurant Auberge Provencale entree gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT CANNES

Traditional Provencal Cuisine

Founded by Alexandre Bouttau in 1860, the restaurant "Auberge Provençale" in  Cannes features Provençal specialties.

Picasso, Sean Connery, George Clooney and Phil Collins came to enjoy the Bouillabaisse, Aioli, small stuffed vegetables, Provençal stew with orange sauce, grilled beef ribs and cockerels.

The restaurant holds the title of Master Restaurateur.

Chef Benoit Romain welcomes you in the very friendly atmosphere of the "Auberge Provençale" around its fireplace in rooms filled with photographs of the many celebrities who have visited this fine establishment over the years.

Live music concerts are held in the Cotton Club piano bar on Fridays and Saturdays from September to May.


Tastings are offered through the menus "Summer Flavors", "Formule du Midi", and dishes à la carte.

Cannes restaurant Auberge Provencale dessert gmca 2017The Lunch menu set ("Formule du Midi") is composed of two or three dishes prepared in keeping with inspirations of the chef and the availability of fresh goods from the local farmers market. One has a choice of either a starter and main course or a main course and dessert.

Among the entrées: small stuffed vegetables in the Cannois style, a salad of zucchini with fresh octopus garnished with pine nuts, black olives, and tomato, as well as rock fish soup with a delicate bread crust.

Typical main courses include: roasted meats with fennel and crushed potato; duck filet with eggplant and caviar; brunoise of courgette served in Provençale style, and a falafel of natural yogurt with cucumber, mint, and coriander.

Desserts include the following specialty: lemon meringue pie; "praying mantis" ("religieuse") made from caramel salted butter; ice cream and assorted artisan sherbets.

On the day of our sampling of the "Lunch Menu Set", we enjoyed a delightful creme brulee of tomato as an entrée, with cod fillet and basil risotto as our main course, and the tart with the figs for dessert.

Various grilled dishes are available on the evening menu: either fresh fish in salt crust or roasted in an oven on a bed of fennel, accompanied by a crushed potato with basil and Provençal vegetables; Charolais beef rib matured for 4 weeks, grilled cockerel or rack of lamb with Ratatouille and sliced baked apples. All grilled dishes are, of course, cooked over a wood fire.

On the evening menu, the choice of entrées is either roasted sardine with focaccia and thyme flowers, cold tomato soup with creamy Burrata and tomato-basil sorbet, or a Provençal tarte served with vegetables and caramelized onions and fresh goat cheese.

Main courses on offer include: Linguini al Vondol (pasta), grilled tuna with peppers and baked potato, roasted sole with Provençal butter and mashed potatoes, Bouillabaisse in style of a "Fisherman’s Plate", tagliata of Charolais beef, or an alternate dish of choice from the menu.

Cheeses and desserts include: cheese plate with fig jam, dried fruits and mesclun salad; red berries with lemon yogurt sorbet and vanilla Chantilly; lemon pie with meringue; a “religious” speciality in caramel salted butter; flamed raspberries with vanilla ice cream; ice cream and artisan sherbets.

The restaurant is open daily from 12:00am to 2:00pm and from 7:15pm to 11:00pm.

Address: 10 Rue Saint-Antoine, 06400 Cannes

Phone : +33 4 92 99 27 17