Gourmet Provencal Cuisine

Situated in Cotignac, 20 km from the Abbey of Thoronet, the restaurant Le Clos des Vignes” offers refined and innovative Provencal seasonal cuisine.

Restaurant Clos des vignes Cotignac gmca 2015Built in an old barn, the restaurant has a shaded terrace with a breathtaking view of its vineyard.


Le Clos des Vignes offers guests two set-menus: “Inspiration” and “Creation”.

The set menu known as the “Inspiration” features: smoked salmon, fresh zucchini, or ice cream with almonds as its appetizer.

For the main meal, four choices are on offer: either baked sea bream; roasted sea bass in hazelnut butter; pluma of pork grilled over a wood fire in caramelized honey and sesame sauce; or chicken fillet with pesto sauce.

On the set menu “Creation”: Bellota ham on grilled toast with a small mix of candied seasonal fruits, gurnard mullet fillets with nectarines or house duck foie gras with fruit and bread served with mixed nuts. For the main meal, four choices on offer: either Rossini beef fillet topped with a sauce made from deglazed Morels; sweetbreads braised with hazelnut butter and port wine; cooked lamb shank confit with spices; or stewed Monkfish Saint Jacques.

Each menu is accompanied by an array of delightful cheeses and other tasty delicacies.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday during the midday and every evening except holidays.

Special hours are available on Mondays for luncheons serving more than 10 persons and by appointment only.

Address: Claou de Vachoun, Quartier Nestuby, Route de Montfort, Cotignac 83570

Phone: +33 4 94 04 72 19  ou  +33 6 73 62 19 63

(*) Menus cited are typical of the bill of fare on offer.  Please note that house menus are subject to change without notice.  For specific information concerning current menu items, please contact the restaurant in advance of your visit to confirm details.