Le Patio restaurant plat principal gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT FONTVIEILLE

Provencal Gourmet Cuisine

The restaurant "Le Patio", situated at Fontvieille, offers a traditional gourmet dining experience steeped in the flavors and aromas typical of fine Provençal cuisine.

Chef Jean-Pierre Côte and his wife Catherine will welcome you into their establishment’s warm and friendly atmosphere.

The title Master Restorer was conferred on the premises in 2010.

In the preparation of the house’s signature dishes, the Chef Côte favors the use of a variety of local and regional products: lamb from Alpilles, herbs of Provence, basil, lavender, tomato, sweet almond and olive oil.

In his kitchen, he uses various olive oils: the Mouliniers de Fontvieille certified as the appellation, the Moulin de Bédarrides, the Moulin du Mas Saint Jean, and the Moulin de la Coquille.


House specialities are offered through three (3) set menus: "The Bergerie menu", "Patio n'Aimant", "Olive oil", and as individual selections available “à la carte”.

"The Bergerie menu" is served only at lunchtime. It includes an assortment of Provençal appetizers, a portion of crispy Alpilles lamb shoulder, garnished with wild Serpolets (wild Thyme), and a sweet amandine and seasonal fruits.

Le Patio restaurant dessert gmca 2017The set menu "Patio n'Aimant" begins with an appetizer.

As for the choice of entrée, one’s options will be between the ravioli of snails with porcini mushrooms accompanied by velvety champagne mushrooms; the lamb shoulder laminated in its juice with smoked duck breast and autumn fruits; or an assortment of Provençal appetizers.

As main course, there is a filet of turbot with citrus fruits accompanied by crunchy polenta with the old Parmesan; a veal grenadin with yellow wine, dauphinois with morels and poached wine pears; and a leg of Alpilles lamb cooked at low temperature and stuffed with the hay of the Crau.

For dessert, choices include a creamy scented lime Gombava with fine shortbread from pure butter; a chocolate-passion feuillantine accompanied by vanilla and Coco shortbread; and a Williams pear smoothie, scented with Elderflower.

On the "Olive Oil" set menu, the meal begins with an appetizer.

As an entrée, you will be offered half-cooked duck foie gras accompanied by melting heart of Williams pear and jam emulsified with honey and olive oil from Moulin de Bédarrides.

The main course will consist of rabbit leg confit with olive oil from the Moulin du Mas Saint-Jean, encrusted fondant vegetables and madeleines with black olives.

As a cheese, "Brillat-Savarin" with truffles will be served.

Finally, for dessert, guests will be offered a hot pistachio financier accompanied with English cream based on olive oil Moulin de la Coquille and chestnut ice cream.

The menu card will offer a choice of entrées: hot goat candy accompanied by tapenade, tomato confit with basil; "the gourmet stroll of the Patio" (assortment of entrées of Provence); and duck foie gras with Williams pears and cappuccino of lobster on bed of cod "brandade".

Among the main courses are: the crusty shoulder of Alpilles lamb with wild serpole; a thigh of rabbit confit in olive oil of the Moulin Mas Saint-Jean; the leg of Alpilles lamb with the confit to the hay of Grau (appellation); organic beef fillet with mushrooms; and the fillet of turbot Meunière with citrus fruits.

From among the cheeses and desserts, one can choose the homemade goat cheese of Monsieur Bornand, appellation de la Crau; the fresh goat cheese of the mountain of Mas Saint Jean; the Williams pear smoothie with elderflower; the chocolate-passion crunchy with vanilla from Tahiti; creamy lime Combava with shortbread from pure butter; poached pears prepared in BIO red wine with vanilla ice cream Bournon; the hot financier pistachio-flavored with cream based on olive oil from Fontvieille and sweet almonds fondant with seasonal fruit and velvety almond milk.

The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm and from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

Address: 119 route du Nord, 13990 Fontvieille

Phone : +33 4 90 54 73 10