Mon Petit Resto Mouans Sartoux 06370 gmca 2017RESTAURANT AT MOUANS-SARTOUX

Provencal Gourmet Cuisine

Located at 12 km from  Cannes, the restaurant "Mon Petit Resto" in Mouans-Sartoux offers gourmet cuisine with sweet Mediterranean scents.

The Master Restaurateur Franck Cicognola welcomes you into the very friendly surroundings of "Mon Petit Resto" in a room decorated in taupe and glazed brown colors and onto a terrace dining area set beneath a copse of trees in front of Mouans-Sartoux castle.


Two menus are on offer daily evenings and holidays : "Discovery and Pleasure" set ("Découverte et Plaisir") and the "Fragrances voyage" set  ("Promenade au Gré des Saveurs"). In the menu set "Fragrances voyage" each service is accompanied by a glass of wine. In the evenings, dining selections are also served à la carte.

For lunches is proposed a "Lunch unique menu set".

The "Lunch unique menu set" is composed of two or three dishes prepared in accordance with the inspiration of the chef based upon a selection of seasonal ingredients available through local markets. Guests have the choice among a starter and dessert, a starter and main course, a main course and dessert, and a starter, main course and dessert.

On the day of our visit we choose the "Lunch unique menu set". It consisted of a delightful starter of potimarron soup-puree with truffle emulsion, red tomato tartare in a soup from a yellow tomato, followed by Sisteron lamb with crisp vegetables as the main course, and roasted pineapples with crumble and candied onions with coriander for dessert.

The evening menu changes weekly.

In the evenings, the choice of appetizers is varied: ravioli with foie gras, roasted pumpkin and Butternut puree, foisonnement of truffle, or Breton lobster with crabmeat salad, crustacean jelly with foisonnement of Pistille of Saffron.

Among the main course on offer are: pigeonneau in two services, roast beef on the a boat with licorice stick, duck thigh confitted with Blue Pavot, with either grilled vegetables or filet of St Pierre, with mixed vegetables Niçoise or served in the Provençal style, with popcorn and salted lavender flower.

Among the cheeses and desserts on offer, one can choose from: Brie with truffe in Louis Outhier style, a platter of selected fine cheeses, Esterel salad, roasted fig on Cassonade, Scotch crumble in the Génépi style, Chocolate (Cuba 70%) in all its forms: Hull, Zephir in Foam, or Inverted.

The restaurant will offer you a special menu set for exceptional days such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The restaurant is open every day except Sunday and Monday.

Address : 1 Rue du Château, Mouans-Sartoux 06370

Phone : +33 4 93 06 00 43