Restaurant Auberge la Feniere Cadenet entree gmca 2017RESTAURANT IN CADENET

Gourmet Provençale style cuisine.

The gourmet restaurant "Auberge La Fenière" in Cadenet offers a Provençal cuisine with sweet Mediterranean scents.

The head chef since 1975, Reine Sammut will welcome you to the "Auberge La Fenière" in a very stylish setting.

The Auberge la Fenière is the first chef's restaurant that offers a gluten-free meal, with a choice of rice flour, chickpeas and chestnuts.

The tasting menu set is complemented by a collection of olive oils of very varied characters specially chosen for each dish and which metaphorically make the guests travel to Portugal, Croatia, Italy and Provence.

The meal is accompanied by bread made from ground chestnuts.

"Auberge La Fenière" received its first Michelin star in 1995.


Tastings are offered through menu and two menus set: "Flavors of Summer", presented either in seven or nine courses, and "Taste the Fenière".

Restaurant Auberge la Feniere Cadenet dessert gmca 2017Main entrees on the tasting set menu "Summer flavors" include carpaccio Saint-Pierre flavoured by vanilla and olive oil as well as a tartare of pineapple and tomatoes flavoured by coriander and accompanied by shavings of ham from Patrick Duler with chips of chestnut;

On the nine course menu, two additional dishes are offered: stuffed zucchini flowers, accompanied by a pistou in olive oil and hazelnuts and a risotto with truffles "tuber aestivum" with aged parmesan;

Main courses of the tasting set menu "Summer flavors" are Mediterranean wolf with crispy skin, accompanied by a caponata with olives taggiasche and capers from Sicily, as well as a roasted rabbit prepared in olive oil, accompanied by blinis with lemon thyme and eggplant caviar;

The refined cheeses of Benoît Lemarié (Tarascon);

As desserts: a rosemary sorbet with olive oil and lemon and a frosted vacherin with white peaches and jellied figs in olive oil.

As entry in the menu set "Taste the Fenière" is proposed a sea bream, coriander and pickles of red onions;

As main dish: Plancha, compote of tomatoes and grilled peppers, capers and olive oil of Cucuron;

For dessert: "Paris-Lourmarin".

On the day of our tasting we especially enjoyed the stuffed zucchini flowers, the chestnut bread, the refined cheeses of Benoît Lemarié (Tarascon) and the sampling of nine olive oils with each dish.

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Adresse : route de Lourmarin (D943), 84160 Cadenet

Téléphone : 04 90 68 11 79