The island of Porquerolles is located in the Gulf of Hyères, in the Var department in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Porquerolles Provence France

Like the islands of the Levant and Port-Cros, the island of Porquerolles has been known to mariners throughout the Mediterranean region since well before the Middle Ages.

Inhabited by the Romans, it was long coveted by barbarians and pirates as a staging area from which to prey on seafaring coastal traders. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the island was threatened by the Spanish crown and thus Francis I decided to install a military garrison and built fort Sainte-Agathe. A century later, Richelieu had the island’s defenses augmented by adding additional fortifications later known as the “Big” Fort and “Small” Langoustier.

Today Fort Saint-Agathe is open to the general public. Remodeled during the 20th century, this fort notably retains its round tower from the 16th century. Its terrace offers a panoramic view of the island and its magnificent harbor.


In the aftermath of the Revolution, the island was sold by the government as national property in 1792. Over the course of the ensuing 120 years, title to the property passed through several owners. In 1912, the island was sold at public auction.

François-Joseph Fournier bought it and offered it as a wedding gift to his wife Sylvia. Fournier’s purchase turned out to be a watershed event in the history of the island.

This event will radically change the life of the island. Fournier brought families to live there, he had school built, planted fruit trees, vineyards and thousands of trees such as Aleppo pines and eucalyptus trees. Soon thereafter, he began shipping wines and fruits on the continent - kumquats, lemons, mandarins and oranges. His wife facilitated multiple commercial development projects on the island which included the hotel Le Mas du Langoustier and La Villa Sainte-Anne.

Nowadays, the descendants of Fournier continue the family tradition of developing plantations, vineyards, and hotels.


In 1971, in order to preserve a rare and unique plantation, part of Fournier's property was placed under the management of the State. The natural area of 1000 hectares has been entrusted to the National Park of Port-Cros. The administration is provided by the National Botanical Conservatory of the Mediterranean.

Restaurant at Porquerolle Island, Provence, FrancePORQUEROLLES: RESTAURANT LE MAS DU LANGOUSTIER

Le Mas du Langoustier hotel has two restaurants: La Pinède and L'Olivier. Each dining venue offers Provençal cuisine with sweet Mediterranean and oriental scents. On either menu one can find a large choice of fish dishes mostly originating from local fisheries: octopus, Aioli, Bouillabaisse, Mediterranean lobster, lobster and grilled wolf, tartare of fish with coconut milk. The menu of the restaurant La Pinède features lighter fare. The menu of the restaurant L'Olivier is rather intended for lovers of tasting multiple course meals.


Entrees are offered either as single dishes or in the form of three tasting menus: "L'Ombre de l'Olivier", "Les Chants des Cigales" and "Découverte".

Menu set "A l'Ombre de l'Olivier" consists of an egg from Pradet farm; Mediterranean red mullet fish for main course, and fresh cheese and "Parfums de Provence for dessert".

Under the menu entry "Les Chants des Cigales": marinated “fish of day” with lemongrass. Main course - crispy monkfish scented with coriander. Second course: poultry followed by a Saint Félicien accompanied by truffle honey and topped off with Agrumeraie: sorbet with black lemon from Iran, creamy Priscos, and lemon marmelade with tarragon.

The menu "Discovery" is composed of seven dishes: asparagus from Provence to start; first main course - langoustines. Second main course: Saint Pierre, then filet of beef matured as third course. The suite is made up of a plate of Cheese, followed by a before-the-dessert and a Cazette de Bourgogne for dessert.

The wines of "Domaine de l'Île de Porquerolles in white, rosé and red are available to accompany your meal.

Both restaurants are open every day except Mondays and Tuesdays. Open on Monday May 1st, Monday, May 8th, and Monday, June 5th.

Address: Chemin du Langoustier, 83400 Hyères