Callian is located about 65 km from Nice, in the department of Var of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. This small hilltop village attracts visitors by virtue of its authenticity and heritage: a castle with towers dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, its Romanesque Chapel of the Penitents, and the Chapel of Saint Donat from the 12th century, the Chapel of Notre-Dame des Roses from the 10th and 11th centuries, and the Chapel Notre-Dame de l’Assomption from the 17th century.

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Above Callian, at the foot of its feudal castle, there emerges a spectacular view of the massifs Tanneron and the Esterel and beyond which can be seen the village of Montauroux.

In the lobby of the Town Hall at Callian, one will find a modest room which contains a small number of displays featuring objects dating from Roman times and recovered as a result of local archeological excavations.


The Chapel Notre-Dame des Roses is an archaeological site that dates from Gallic-Roman times. It is the oldest religious monument to be found in Callian. The Priory of the Abbey of Lérins, a cloistered community, was mentioned in the cartulary of Lérins as early as the year 1038.


The remains of St Donat chapel are located below the village, in the valley known as Maia. Saint Donat is revered in Callian.

He is remembered as the patron saint to those suffering from epilepsy. His tomb has attracted large crowds over the last century.


The medieval castle is quadrangle-shaped, with four towers built during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It was later renovated in the Renaissance style.

Over the years, the castle has been owned by several prominent families from Grasse, Villeneuve, Raphelis-Brovès and Lyle Taulanne.

Today, the inside of the castle is no longer open to the public, but one can still enjoy its outer perimeter and local surroundings.


The Chapel of the Penitents played a role in the parish church until 1685. As the population of the village grew, the Chapel was replaced by the church of Notre-Dame d’Assomption. During this latter period, the chapel housed the White Penitents Brotherhood until its last days.

Today, the Romanesque chapel of the Penitents hosts exhibitions and concerts throughout the summer.


The church Our Lady of Assumption was built between the years 1675 and 1685.

The roof of the tower is decorated with glazed tiles in many bright colors. The old stained glass windows were restored in the workshops of Fernand Léger in Biot.

The church contains the golden carved statue of St Donat created during the 16th century. The relics associated with the golden carved saint patron of the village of "Sainte Maxime" and its painted wooden panels were completed in the year 1643.


Callian has always attracted personalities from the realm of the Arts and Letters: Juliette Adam, Anthony Burgess, Fernand Leger, Christian Dior, and Edouard Goerg whose castle is also located in Callian.

Edouard Goerg, french expressionist-painter and engraver relocated to Callian after the World War II. His former domicile is notable for the architectural design of its turrets.


The restaurant "Le Castellaras" specializes in Provencal gourmet and traditional French cuisine.

This gourmet restaurant has been the recipient of a Michelin star for 15 years. It has held the title of ‘Master Restaurateurs’ since September 2010.

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Notable for its fine cuisine, a friendly atmosphere, a beautiful dining room containing decorations from a local castle, and tables situated in the garden for meals during the summer months invariably makes one’s visit to this place memorable.

Address: 461 Chemin de Peymeyan, 83440 Fayence


Domain Grande Bastide

The estate is located in Tourrettes in the Var region, about 6km from Callian. The wines from this estate have long recognized for their quality. Some of these wines have been honored with various medals over the years.

Among suggested wines:

White Muscat IGP Var, smooth and refined, 100% Muscat of Alexandria grape, with fruity aromas that bring to mind lychee, pineapple and apricot. This wine goes well, in particular, with foie gras dishes, fruit salads, sorbets and blue cheese.

White 100% Chardonnay IGP Var, well rounded and subtle, gives off aromas like vanilla and almond in its finish. The wine goes well with seafood and poultry dishes with cream-based sauces. Aged in oak.

Address: 397 Route de la Grande Bastide, Tourettes 83440

Domaine "Le Clos de Notre Dame"

The estate is located about 9 km from Callian, along the road to Seillans. The wines of this area have been produced since ancient times. This particular vineyard was cultivated first by the Romans and later by monks during the medieval epoch.

Suggested wines: IGP wines of Var.

During these hours, you can visit the winery and the chapel. Group visits are available by appointment only.

Address : 845 Clos Notre Dame, Fayence 83440

Val d'Iris

The estate is located 12km from Callian, in a quite valley planted by irises. The estate wines are honored with several medals.

Address: 341, Combe path, Seillans, 83440

Château des Selves

The estate is located in a quiet rural area, about 12km from Callian.

Among suggested wines of the Appellation of Protected Origin and IGP Var:

Pleasant rosés produced from the grape varietals Grenache, Rolle, Cinsault and Syrah.

Fresh whites produced from 100% Rolle grape, and strong reds produced from the Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot grape varietals.

Open for visits daily:

  • 8:00am–12:00pm and 2:00pm-6:30pm.

Closed on Sunday afternoons.

Address: Chemin de l'Oratoire, Seillans, 83440